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Marketplace Integration

Connect to the marketplace and see your sales grow exponentially

Whether you sell product bundles, serialized merchandise or items that require multiple variations, your personalized Dashboard helps you keep stock moving and gives customers what they’re asking for.


Get the data to make smarter decisions

See today’s numbers or take a look at the past year with our Dashboard. This innovative tool makes it easy to see sales, profits and changes over time. Use variables and filters to understand what’s happening across all store locations.


Put yourself out there using a powerful advertising tool

With marketing tools such as a social media integration, customer feedback feature, upsell tools and A/B testing capabilities, you can let people know about your business.


Manage all aspects of your business

Expand your reach to all corners of the world and grow your online community with our built-in SEO and reporting tools available on Dashboard. Get a single view of your inventory, sales and customer data to always make well-informed business decisions.

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