Manage all in-store operations, such as sales, delivery, inventory, etc.

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Fully integrated store operations

A rock solid omni-channel solution

Fuse your brick-and-mortar and online stores with an integrated eCommerce and POS platform. Stay open for business 24/7, reach more customers and generate more sales.


A customizable POS system tailored to your needs

Manage your store or process sales with a POS powered by any version of the iPad. Add a cash drawer, barcode scanner and receipt printer to stay connected and process sales anywhere you are — whether on your sales floor or at your trade show kiosk. Plus, it’s just cool.

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Inventory Management

See all stock from one place

Our centralized inventory management keeps track of stock across all channels so you always know what you have available and don’t oversell.

  • Physical auditing

  • Invoice check-in

  • Structure profit margins

  • Inventory integration


Get the data to increase exposure

Expand your reach to all corners of the world and grow your online community with our built-in SEO and reporting tools available on Dashboard. Get a single view of your inventory, sales and customer data to always make well-informed business decisions.

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Bring what your customers want

Our software makes it easy for you to get your products in the hands of eager customers quickly and efficiently.

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